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Oh, the stories a DJ could tell! A highly accomplished and archetypal DJ who helped frame the modern party paradigm, David Knapp is a legend in his own right who continues to influence trends in music while entertaining legions of fans around the world. This is why GQ magazine named him one of the country's six most influential DJ's in America.

As the original Circuit DJ, David Knapp has blazed a blessed and illustrious path that many have tried to follow. Boasting over 20 years as a supreme performer, David is a powerful global commodity, combining the hottest new sounds with his unmistakable signature South Beach style. Often referred to as "the People’s DJ" because of his unique ability to make each party feel like it’s his most important ever, David is truly there for the audience as much as they are for him. DJ David Knapp is a professional, fresh, and fiercely intuitive performer. There is no stopping him.

As a pioneering DJ elite of South Beach’s golden age, David Knapp has impressed audiences the world over with his unique sound & dynamic DJ performances. While most of today’s dj talent were still busy honing their skills in their bedrooms, David was cutting his teeth in friend Danny Tenaglia's booth in the early South Beach days. David also quickly gained the attention of Junior Vasquez, becoming one of the only dj's Vasquez ever trusted to dj at his NYC clubs. It was through these key relationships, his residency at The Amnesia Tea Dances, and his groundbreaking performances at the crown jewel of all circui events, the Miami White Party at Vizcaya, that David quickly ascendedto the top tier of global dj talent.

With electronic dance music firmly rooted in all the world’s major markets, there is no limit to what DJ David Knapp can deliver. Having performed in Tel Aviv, Rio, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Zurich, Mexico City, and so many more, David's sights are currently fixed on both the U.S. and global community. Fans eager to see and hear the magic live can catch him touring nonstop. Event producers and clubs know he’s the type of Dj who is constantly pushing the newest sounds to your ears and making your body rock to his infectious groove!