Meet your 2018 GayDayS® DJs!

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Chi Chi is DJing at bars and clubs around the country.  Chi Chi has always been a huge music fan and has always dreamed of getting behind the turntables.  Chi Chi has amassed a huge collection of eclectic music from his travels around the world and now has a forum to turn people on to his edgy music style and tastes.  Chi Chi LaRue’s first big gig was at San Francisco’s Mezzanine nightclub during the annual Folsom Street Fair.  He made such a great impression on a reporter at the event, that he profiled Chi Chi in an article in the NY Blade.   Ever since then, the offers have been coming in from such notable events as The White Party in Palm Springs, The Abbey in West Hollywood and The Los Angeles Gay Pride Festival... 

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As one of the most sought after DJs and Producers in the industry, Joe Gauthreaux (pronounced GO TROW) has a resume full of club appearances and main events that spans the last 15 years – with the list ever growing. He has played almost every major circuit event all over the world, including Winter Party Festival, Black Party New York, White Party Miami, Song Kran Bangkok, New Year’s Rio at The Week, Atlantis Cruises, among others. A staple at major clubs across North America, Brazil and Asia, while holding multi-year residencies in several key markets across the world, his name is synonymous with having a driving and  unique musical experience...

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Dan Slater is an Australian DJ and Producer based in the United States.

After years in the club scene as one of the most in demand dancers and show producers, Dan’s love of music eventually lured him onto the decks – and this new chapter has gained him the attention of promoters and clubbers around the world.

He has been bringing his upbeat, chunky house sound to dance floors across the globe, and his talent for sculpting the energy of a party is in a league of its own. He draws from the progressive sounds of the European club scene, as well as the Latino fire of South America as he moves seamlessly between house, circuit, tech and deep house.

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With a 15 year career in various parties and nightclubs. She started DJing in 2002 for her own fun. She has many friends and followers worldwide among International DJs too, along with her mix sets being downloaded worldwide. Currently Aracely is djing at the currently at FBar Houston voted as the "Best Drag Bar" "Best Dance Club" in the Outsmart Magazine in Houston, TX. She plays the hottest electro-house and progressive-house, Latin, International Dance mixes, Dance Anthems, Pop, Top 40, progressive and unreleased remixes. She also mixes songs from the 80's and 90's chart toppers with a modern twist of todays sounds...

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Barney Philly 1


DECADES of professional nightclub DJ skills, and began my practicing in the very early 1990's.
When I was 18 years old I used to sneak away from home to go to NYC to hear Junior Vasquez at the original Sound Factory and then found my way to the Limelight.
In my quest for obtaining the most illusive and private remixes of my idols I because friends with some of the most influential DJs in the NYC dance music scene. 

After years of just being a music lover and collector I decided to make the progression to Disc Jockey. After-all, I was entrusted with a wealth of rare and unreleased music, it should be played.

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World renowned DJ & Producer Cajjmere Wray (aka: CCW) has been a staple in the house music/club scene globally over the past 12 years. On the decks he stirs a mix of big room house beats, tribal house, circuit house and remixed mainstream. Continuing to bring a unique sound and flavor to every club atmosphere is why Cajjmere Wray has become a must-hear DJ. Cajjmere’s productions hit the music charts initially when he connected with legendary DJ/Producer Peter Rauhofer in 2005. His various works on the Star 69 imprint earned him high praise not only by Rauhofer himself, but also by countless DJ’s who support his various productions.

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Resident DJ at Piranha Nightclub in Vegas.

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Bio coming...

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Joe Ross 3


As one of the most sought after DJs in Houston, Native Houstonian, DJ Joe Ross, has been working the club scene since 2003, where his first gig was at the ever popular nightclub Guava Lamp. Since, he has spun at some of the hottest clubs/parties from Houston to Dallas to Florida to Vienna, Austria. His preferred styles of mixes are electro, vocal house, progressive house, tech-house, and top 40 pop remixes. Joe recently received Outsmart Magazine’s Award for Best Male DJ 2011 & was also awarded the Runner-up for 2010...

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Bio coming...

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Pumpkin Spice's entire life has revolved around music. From choir to wind ensemble to his love affair with piano, he brings to the table a quality that is rare nowadays, thoughtfulness. Everything he does on the dance floor is a part of a journey, an adventure, a story. The DJ's primary goal is to entertain, and this DJ uses the ancient art of storytelling to entertain his crowds. However, traditional storytelling uses words to convey meaning to the crowd. Pumpkin Spice goes deeper than that. Instead of words, he uses music, and instead of meaning, it's emotion the crowd will feel.  The beauty of emotion is powerful and raw and exactly what Pumpkin Spice wants to share with all. 

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DJ, Remixer, Producer, and Electronic music enthusiast alike, DJ Rob Moore hails out of Jacksonville, Florida. When not DJing, Rob spends his time in the studio creating his own music, or remixing songs for other artists. Having spent many years DJing at all of the major local night clubs, holding multiple residencies, and DJing special events, Rob has had a lot of time to develop his style and Sound. Robs fans have compared his sets, to that of riding a rollercoaster; the apprehension, the excitement, the thrill, throwing your hands in the air, and when it’s all over, leaving you wanting more...

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Bio coming...

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If you haven’t heard Sinna-G (sounds like: "synergy") spinnin’ her magic, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Sinna-G is a Female DJ, with her home base in the Denver, Colorado area who is turning the club world on its ear! She made a name in the DJ World up & down both coasts of Florida starting in 1999 and has continued her career all over Denver since moving there in late 2010.

She specializes in Vocal House, Top 40 Remixes/Mash-Ups, Progressive House, Soulful House, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House, Lounge, Electro & more, and is known for her long, creative mixes.

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Dj Sushiman is as diverse as my music. I'mThai & American born in Thailand, in an area known as the ‘beautiful land of smiles’, Sushiman moved to the U.S. in 1999 for something greater and to pursue love of music.

Now DJ Sushiman can boast residencies all over Miami and a robust resume of happy fans at South Florida’s premier nightspots like; Johnny’s, Twist, The Manor, Azucar Miami, Discotekka, Score and Palace. He has also traveled for special events all over the states.

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