MGDLeather 2017


CHIP WEGNER II is no stranger to leather, he began his journey in 1988 when he visited his first leather bar located in Madison, Wi. It only took one year after that trip to the leather bar in Madison, that Chip began competing professionally when he entered Mr. Cellblock 1989. Over the years Chip has competed and won numerous titles such as Northern Plains Leather Sir 2012. Mr. Wegner has dedicated his time and experience not only to leather but to a plethora of social and non-profit events throughout the country. Chip passionately volunteered many years organizing his local PRIDE parade and events. Additionally, having the distinguished opportunity at speaking around the country while also, being a well-respected judge on many contest panels.
Currently, he has become more active in the leather community and rekindled his competition flame for competing! Chip is a firm believer in Old Guard protocols, however he feels some adaptations to those protocols as the leather community and family continues to grow. The eight (8) main tenements of the Old Guard he firmly follows: Honesty, Integrity Trust, Loyalty, Duty, Service, Respect and Humility.
Chip's goals as a the GayDayS® titleholder is to help build and promote the GayDayS® brand, including the Mr. GayDayS® Leather competition. 
Chip can be seen around the country proudly wearing his #MrGayDaySLeather 2017 customized leather sash and medallion. Follow Chip on his personal facebook and the #OfficialGayDayS: GayDayS® Leather fanpage.
Chip HotSpots Media
HotSpots Central Florida | July 2017 Magazine | Journalist: Brett Yancey