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Chantel was born in Ames, IA and is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Commercial Recreation with a minor in Marketing. 

After graduation, she moved to Orlando, Florida to start what would be a 28-year career at Walt Disney World. Her position in the Entertainment Department enabled Chantel to witness first-hand the birth of GayDayS. She was a supporter from the beginning, as a guest to the event Chantel found a new safe haven. Once a year able to be her true self in pubic. Every year she looked forward to experiencing the ever-changing offers of GayDayS. During these years Chantel became a successful dancer, choreographer and performer. Not only has she achieved other prestigious national titles, she had the good fortune to star in a documentary called “Pageant”.

As the years went on and new events were shaping up, Chantel noticed a new opportunity to become part of the GayDayS family, competing for the title of Miss GayDayS.  With the draw of supporting an organization that she truly believed in and the chance to promote the event made the choice to compete for the title very easy. Chantel did capture the title on her second attempt and once that crown went on her head she quickly went into work mode. She has traveled to many festivals speaking on the event and its’ many new offerings. She makes sure that people know that GayDayS is for EVERYONE. Chantel believes in inclusion and promotes it everywhere she goes. Even with the title Chantel still supports many local charities by both performing and Emceeing. Locally she hosts an open stage night promoting new talent and is the show choreographer at the Parliament House.

If there is one thing Chantel wants everyone to know about GayDayS is that it represents the best of our community. It’s a time to come and play, relax and experience, educate and bond, love and celebrate. So, if you see her say hi, take a picture, or share a story.  Because in her mind if you are a part of GayDayS in any respect then you ARE Family. And Family should be embraced 

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